There’s a part of my soul that is stuck in a single moment. He touches my hand. His eyes gaze into mine. I know in that instant that I am all that he is thinking about. We are connected through more than touch. For a brief moment our souls are gliding along one another. We are one with each other and that is all there is. He was mine and I was his. It was enough.


There is a part of my soul that is stuck in a single moment. It is alone. He still lives in that city far away. His heart glides alone with another. He is happy in a way I could never make possible. I live here frozen in time. I am cursed to watch his life move forward.


There are days like today, when I wonder if he still senses me. I wonder if he is nearby in some way. I can feel his lips on mine and see his smile. But it is a fleeting flutter of my heart. Thus he vanishes and I am left grasping at ghosts that were long dead many years ago. He is the phantom of my heart. I am the prisoner of the past.







May the west Texas dust sweep my heart to you amidst Cadillacs turned skyward. I breathe in the desert air and hope that someday you might remember that for a fleeting moment, I was yours and for an even smaller moment, you were mine.

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