I hate that you can take things from me I was never given.
You sneak in through secret corners, cracks I’ve neglected to fill.
There are pieces you take, holes you create.
I wake up in the morning feeling less than I did the night before.

Sand dunes and two little girls that will never know they have a brother.

You are the master criminal. Blameless and sinless in the eyes of those around you.
Sheer perfection shines back in the reflection of your warped mirror.

Three years of silence. Three years of growing less than I was before.

We are the unbreakable duo. The thief and the victim. The man that was supposed to love me but left me to the heat of the Texas sun, only to rob me in the middle of the night.

Leave me be, take no more. I ask nothing more of you than the sweet silence that is your absence, absolute and complete.

One day those two little girls will reach out, and they’ll know why they never met their older brother.

They’ll see that I wasn’t the only victim of your thievery. In that moment, I will take something from you. I will rob you of your reflection of perfection. Leave you stranded in the sand dunes I never got to see.

Leave me be father,
Until I can take everything from you.

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