A Good Day

So here’s a bit of levity amidst the utter darkness that have made up my previous posts. Today, was a well-rounded, totally fantastic day. As a bipolar person, I’ve learned to really take note of these because when depression does come around, it’s important to have these bright and cheerful days to hold on to.

I started the morning at 6:30, made coffee for myself and my grandparents (I like mine dark, strong to the point that even smelling it makes me feel energetic. My grandparents like hot water dyed brown). I then called my college admissions office because the goal is to go back to school (something I’ve been anxiously waiting to do for three years) in the spring. Finally, throwing caution to the wind, I joined a gym and then, in an even more extreme move, decided to actually go to the gym. Usually I tend to join gyms and then go back to watching Netflix, or perhaps raid the fridge. NOT TODAY! I drove to the gym, did two and a half miles on the elliptical and then did some chest exercises. I left feeling productive and insanely winded.

Side note: I am out of shape.

After the gym, I met my mom and sister for sushi and proceeded to praise whatever culinary genius came up with the concept. I swear, every time I eat sushi (and I’m talking about sashimi, not just the rolls) I’m surprised by how marvelous it is.

As an end to a perfect day, we went to the holiest of places, at least in my mind. We opened the doors of Barnes & Noble and spent an hour roaming the isles of books. I bought the new Dan Brown novel and then, (because they didn’t have the right edition, the one I grew up with) ordered the complete boxed paperback Harry Potter series on Amazon. I believe that now every single person in my house owns their own set. We are very dedicated Potter fanatics.

Side note #2: I know that ordering from Amazon while on Barnes & Noble wifi is a complete and utter betrayal, but nostalgia is very important to me.

I know this post isn’t poetic or full of depth, but I feel it’s important to document the good days along with the bad. My favorite movie this year was the live action Beauty & The Beast with Emma Watson. (I know, I know, it’s an extremely stereotypically gay choice.) One of the new songs, “How Does a Moment Last Forever” says, “Maybe some moments weren’t so perfect, maybe some memories not so sweet, but we have to know some bad times or our lives are incomplete.” I think it’s the same for those of us that suffer from mood disorders. But instead we must cling to the good days, the magical moments, because life can grow very dark, very fast. To quote my favorite character from my favorite series (Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter & The Prisoner of Azkaban) “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” 

So, I’ll continue to remember the good days, I’ll continue to turn on the light.

Oh and as far as my admiration for Barnes & Noble goes, I’m not alone.

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